Best WordPress Page Builder

Best Wordpress Page Builder


Want to design an attractive content website but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. All you need is the best WordPress page builder to wipe out all your worries.

Now, what exactly is this page builder, and how does it work? Well, just like the name, these are the sort of tools that work behind building your webpages.

With their convenient layouts, you can build and optimize your website like a pro. And so, to make sure that you enjoy an amazing experience, we will break down some of the best options for you in this article.

7 Best WordPress Page Builder

Picking out the best page builders was quite challenging as each of them had unique specialties. Nonetheless, keeping all that in mind, we are presenting our top 7 picks for you.

1. Elementor

The Elementor page builder has earned a remarkable reputation over the years for several reasons. For starters, let’s talk about the live edit feature.

The inline editing allows you to see the changes while designing your web page. As a result, it will show live previews that will help you to decide what to add or deduct from your existing layout.

Finally comes user-friendliness. You get more than 100 super-attractive templates to choose from. Not to mention, the drag-and-drop facility makes it super easy to build up your page. Thus, it is an ideal choice for beginners too.

Key Features

  • CSS customization support
  • Exciting template library
  • Responsive for all devices
  • Included visual editor for front end work
  • Full drag and drop support
  • Compatible with 3rd party templates

2. Divi

Next up on our list is the Divi page builder. Unlike the other ones, it has a more defined appearance that makes your job super-easy. Not to mention, the pre-existing layouts can highly increase your working speed.

When you look at the WordPress page builder, you will notice a structured preview panel. This panel includes all the necessary tools you need and keeps everything accessible.

The responsive outlook gives your page a professional look without spending much. As a result, it is ideal for beginners who are struggling to build up a website.

Key Features

  • Easy import and export of library data
  • Over 40 built-in content modules
  • Hassle-free supplication and syncing
  • Available 1000 layouts
  • Compatible with all the themes
  • Impressive CSS support
  • Bulk editing facility

3. Thrive Architect

Building up a website is a time-consuming process. And so, web page builders come in place to make things simpler and faster. Just like that, the Thrive Architect focuses on making your web page efficient by applying minimal effort.

The impressive layouts help you to design your page without building it from scratch. So, it saves you a lot of time as well. Again, the campaigns you create with it are time-sensitive.

That means it will retain its value over time and won’t need many changes. Plus, you won’t even need any 3rd party tools. This way, it becomes an affordable option for beginners.

Key Features

  • Responsive for mobiles and tablets
  • Offers more than 290 templates
  • CSS customization support
  • Efficient A/B testing facility
  • Access to Thrive Ultimatum

4. WP Bakery Page Builder

Lack of programming knowledge seems like a barrier when it comes to building up a website. But that’s not the issue with the WP Bakery page builder. Because of its layered interface, it gets super easy to assemble the components of your page. 

Not just that, this best wp page builder features a tree view approach that makes it seem like a photoshop app. As a result, it enhances your efficiency and working speed.

Finally comes the front-end and back-end combination. Due to that, the builder might seem a bit tricky to handle at first. So, you might need to spend a few hours figuring it out.

Key Features

  • 50+ content elements for premium usage
  • Easy compatibility with API
  • Built-in responsive layout
  • Suitable for search engine optimization
  • Offers front-end visual editing
  • Works with transmission plugins

5. Beaver Builder

This one is for those of you who are looking for a flexible option to build their webpage. For lightweight jobs, the Beaver Builder has a lite version. On the other hand, you can try out the paid version if you want to do some heavy work.

Another interesting aspect about it is the live edit feature. As it displays all your edits in real-time, you don’t need to save them beforehand. Besides, the drag-and-drop feature also enhances flexibility.

A common issue with websites is the lack of responsive appearance. Therefore, the Beaver builder takes care of this issue. That means, when you switch your devices, the screen automatically adjusts itself.

Key Features

  • WordPress shortcuts and widgets
  • Supports customizable CSS
  • Large collection of layouts
  • Visual editor for front-end
  • Compatible for mobile devices
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Available video and doc tutorials

6. Brizy

The Brizy web page builder is famous for its unique features. Just like the other page builders, it offers you an array of tools and layouts.

Now, apart from the usual built-in contents, you get several other facilities from it. One of these facilities is the mobile view feature. Using this, you can change your desktop appearance like a mobile device.

As a result, you can change your design for those devices with just a few steps. Besides, it is the best option for those of you who have little to no programming knowledge. So, choose this and make your job super-easy.

Key Features

  • Around 150 pre-designed pages
  • Customizable field integrations
  • Inline editing feature
  • 26 free content elements
  • Imports WordPress dynamic content

7. Oxygen Builder

We saved the most unique option for last. The Oxygen builder is famous for its remarkable features and exceptional versatility. Just like the typical web page builders, it has many pre-built layouts and functionalities.

However, the thing that makes it stand out from the rest is its ability to merge several builders at the same time. That means, when you are using it, you can utilize the specialties of other builders as well.

All these aspects help you to create an attractive-looking page within a short time. Hence, even if you are new to internet programming, you can incorporate a ton of variations into your website.

Key Features

  • Includes built-in templates
  • Distinct sandbox module
  • Works with several page builders at a time
  • Impressive CSS compatibility
  • Quick design with pre-made components 

Final Words

Web page builders have created a revolution in this era. That is why our goal is to find nothing but the best WordPress page builder for you.

Now, to get your hands on the best one, analyze all the features of each builder. After that, match those features and check whether they fulfill your requirements or not.

Finally, grab a computer and build your website without a sweat!

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