Bluehost Review 2023

Bluehost review
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I was struggling for a long time looking for hosting options for my small business website. After going through a number of them, I finally found the one that clearly changed the game for me!

And that hosting provider was none other than the Bluehost web hosting. Now, we all know how overwhelming the website hosting market is. And I don’t want you to go through all that trouble like me.

Therefore, I decided to share all my experiences with you today in this Bluehost review 2023. That sure sounds like a plan, right? So, without waiting any longer, let’s start our discussion.

Why Do You Need Bluehost?

As I already mentioned, there are countless hosting options nowadays. So, why are we particularly talking about Bluehost and what makes it better than others?

Well, every hosting provider offers distinct specifications. And, the reason why we ended up with Bluehost is their unmatched features and services. Moreover, their consistency and efficiency earned them a lot of appraisal over the years too.

Now, we will discuss all the details briefly to analyze all the aspects of this webpage hosting. So, make sure to stay till the end. Hopefully, by the end of the discussion, you won’t have any doubts regarding Bluehost.

Features of Bluehost

To start the Bluehost review 2023, we have a remarkable list of features. So, here we are explaining each of these features separately.

Large Storage

Bluehost offers you a varying range of storage spaces. The basic plans include 50GB of disk space. On the other hand, upgraded plans offer you unlimited storage. So, you can manage the space by choosing the right plan.

Unlimited Data

Most Bluehost hosting plans do not have any limitations for data transferring. Thus, by choosing this hosting provider, you can enjoy the advantages of unlimited data without spending extra money.

Secured and trustworthy

Because of the Bluehost SSL certificate, your website gets a reliable image. It makes your page safe and trustworthy. Moreover, budget-friendly pricing is ideal for small businesses to enjoy these benefits.

Easy registration

Unlike most other hosting providers, Bluehost keeps its registration simple. The convenient nature of it makes it a perfect choice for people with less experience. Plus, it also saves your valuable time and keeps the entire experience hassle-free.

High-speed service

Bluehost offers you an uptime of 99.99%. That means you get to enjoy high-speed service at an affordable price point.

Site management system

For the site management system, the Bluehost includes a Control panel that is also known as the cPanel. With this cPanel, you can easily access all the tools and manage your webpage strategically. Moreover, it also allows you to keep regular backups.

Convenient layouts

One of the most attractive features of Bluehost is its convenient layouts. In most cases, you will get drag-and-drop tools to work with. As a result, you no longer need high-level experience or skills to manage your webpage.

Free backups

With the hosting plans, you will get complimentary backups. Now, these backups can be on a daily or weekly basis. But for some cases, you can also get monthly backups. Nevertheless, you have to sign up for storing your data properly.

Best response time

As you know, images consume a lot of time to load. That is why when you add too many of these images, you interfere with your response time. However, when you use Bluehost, you get to enjoy the best response time.

Things That We Liked

Just like any other thing, Bluehost has its share of pros and cons as well. That is why we need to learn about both of these to get an overall understanding. So, let us start by looking at the things that we liked.

  • Ideal for setting up with WordPress
  • Super convenient layouts and interface
  • Unlimited storage space without the cost
  • Impressive server uptime
  • Reliable customer service
  • One month money-back guarantee
  • Affordable prices and plans
  • Included SSL certificate and domain for free
  • User-friendly business tools

Things That Need Improvement 

  • Limited storage in the basic plan
  • Renewal requires additional charge neglect
  • Add ons come checked in by default

Although it still has several things to work on, you cannot neglect the overwhelming range of advantages that it’s offering. So, it is still an outstanding option for you to try.

Business and Bluehost

Because of its flexible nature, The Bluehost is a perfect partner for your small or large businesses. You can get a clear picture by looking at the Virtual Private Server or the VPS hosting. The hosting plan handles all your software and manages your business website.

Not just that, it is ideal for beginners because of its user-friendliness. Besides, it also offers dedicated hosting for large-scale businesses.

Apart from the business plans, Bluehost offers you a designated dashboard of marketing tools. Let’s take a closer look at these tools below for better understanding.

Google Ads

Online visibility is a game-changing factor when you are running a small business. And to improve this online visibility, Bluehost focuses on Google Ads. With the user-friendly dashboard, you can easily utilize Google Ads to boost your business.

More importantly, it is a super-fast process. So, you don’t have to spend years learning it either. 

Google My Business

Suppose you have to hit a shop to buy some stationery real quick. Now, to get the location of the nearby shop, you will most likely use Google Maps. Just like that, Google My Business introduces your business to the customers by pointing out its location.

By using this Bluehost tool, you can set the physical location of your business without any hassle. Moreover, it cuts down the time and money too.

SEO Toolkit

The SEO toolkit is one of the most attractive aspects of the Bluehost business dashboard. Now, we all know how expensive SEO toolkits are. However, with this one, you can enjoy all the benefits without crossing your budget.

The Bluehost SEO toolkit costs 5.95 dollars per month. So, it is quite affordable in comparison to the other 3rd party ones. Thus, it is ideal for beginner-level businesses.

Migrating to Bluehost

With most of the hosting services, you need to go through a lot of hassle for migration. But that is not the case with Bluehost. The expert team makes sure that you don’t lose any of your valuable data while migrating to Bluehost.

For the migration cost, you need to pay around 149.99 dollars to move your website. However, there are several requirements that you have to qualify to get this service for free. Therefore, we are presenting you with these requirements below so that you can do your migration successfully.

  1. Total database size under 40MB
  2. Built on instead of
  3. Equal or above version 4.7 of WordPress
  4. Free from malware
  5. Migration file under 2GB
  6. PHP version 7.0 or above
  7. Complete backup via Bluehost Site Migrator plugin

The entire process is extremely easy. All you need to do is to fill up a form while signing up for the Bluehost hosting plan. Thus, you can move out of your unsatisfactory hosting provider and join Bluehost within a few steps.

Security Measures

Ensuring appropriate safety is an essential factor for any webpage hosting provider. And so, Bluehost makes sure that you get the best security measures to protect your website from possible threats and attacks.

1. DDoS attack protection

Bluehost uses Cloudflare to protect your website from DDoS attacks and overflowing traffic. Plus, it adds a boost to your speed by minimizing the disruption as well.

However, all this doesn’t come for free. The DDoS protection services will cost you around 5.99 USD every month.

2. Auto data backup

Have you ever faced a situation where you accidentally lost your website data? Well, that’s not an unusual thing to happen, and you should always prepare yourself beforehand. That is why Bluehost provides Choice plus plans that automatically keep a backup of your website data.

Now, although it is included in the pro plan, you won’t get it for free with the other plans. That’s right. For regular plans, you will need to spend 2.99 dollars each month to enjoy this service.

3. SSL certification

The best way to make a website reliable and trustworthy is to obtain an SSL certificate. With Bluehost, you will get that certification for every plan. That means you can enjoy all the benefits of having an SSL certificate even while using an entry-level hosting plan.

Bluehost Review for Customer Servicing

Bluehost is renowned for its phenomenal customer service. With their 24/7 service, you don’t have to waste your valuable time waiting. Moreover, it makes the hosting process super-easy for beginners as well.

While using the hosting service, they assist via live chats and phone calls. As a result, you get to solve any issue within a short time. This way it is a safe plan for new businesses too.

Pricing and Planning

Instead of having one specific plan, Bluehost offers several types of plans. These plans are made considering the demand and the situation. So, you have to choose your plan carefully to get the most of this hosting provider.

When it comes to price, Bluehost has always been an affordable choice. The company focuses on delivering the best services at a realistic price range. Here we are presenting you the costs of each plan with the chart below.

Plan Name Space Cost/Month Renewal Cost/Month
Shared Basic 50GB USD 2.75 USD 7.99
WooCommerce Starter100 GBUSD 12.95USD 24.95
VPS Standard30 GBUSD 18.99USD 29.99
Dedicated Server500 GBUSD 79.99
USD 119.99

Now, we all saw how strategic these Bluehost plans are. Still, there are some hidden costs that we tend to miss out on most of the time. So, here are those hidden costs below.

  • Premium SSL certificate: 49.99 dollars (per month)
  • Office 365: 35.88-179.99 dollars (per year)
  • Domains: 4.99-16.99 dollars (per year)
  • Codeguard backup: 2.99 dollars (per month)

Despite these hidden costs, all the figures are quite affordable. Not to mention, the quality of service that they are offering at this price point is simply outstanding. So, you cannot have a better choice than Bluehost if you are one of those who are looking for hosting options for their small businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Going through all this information at once might seem a bit difficult to process. Therefore, we gathered these commonly asked questions about the Bluehost for you to get rid of any confusion.

Does Bluehost allow me to upgrade my hosting plan?

Absolutely! Bluehost offers you the easiest ways to upgrade your hosting plan anytime.

How can I check the state of my webserver?

Well, you can do it by simply checking your Server Status.

Do I need to change my Bluehost plan for high traffic

Bluehost handles high traffic pretty nicely in most cases. Still, if the consumption rises dramatically, we will recommend you to switch to an upgraded plan.

Is it necessary to take add ons while purchasing?

No, it is not obligatory to buy add ons. Nevertheless, you can purchase it later whenever you want.

Which website builder is ideal to use with Bluehost?

Although any webpage builder works well with the Bluehost, WordPress sites are ideal for it.

What is the actual location of Bluehost servers?

The servers of Bluehost are situated in Utah and Texas.

Will people see my personal information from the Bluehost domain?

No, people will not be able to access any of your personal information. The Bluehost privacy protection will take care of it.

Final Words

Throughout the entire Bluehost review, we got some interesting insights about this amazing website hosting provider. It stands out from the rest due to its affordable, reliable, and diverse nature.

Not just that, it syncs with your business seamlessly and evolves alongside it. In a nutshell, it is one of the best options that you can get for your website. So, go for it right now and enjoy the endless opportunities with the Bluehost.

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